What We Offer

*We offer a package tour of a visit through our nature center and a tour on our boat to meet our dolphins in the wild.  The fee is 25.00 per person, regardless of age

*This special trip takes only six people (OR LESS), and you can arrange a private tour for your family as well.

If you want a private tour for your family, the fee is 150.00 for an hour and a half and includes a visit through the nature center, but please remember we can accommodate six or less people per boat tour. We have two boats, so we can have larger groups divided up between our two boats. Each boat is 150.00 for an hour and a half.

Don’t worry if there are just two or three of you as we put groups together all day long.

* The Fee is 25.00 per spot on my boat and I have six spots available per trip

Call me, Scarlet (dolphinwhisper) on the day you arrive so that we may schedule the best date and time (based on weather) for you to meet our incredible family of dolphins!



We do not drag a net, as sea grasses are now protected by law. Nets disturb those grasses in our fragile bay ecosystem. Our sea creatures have their home, and it is difficult once they are uprooted in a net and removed from their home to be dumped back in another area. We do not drag up sea turtles or dolphins to show you. We feel our sea creatures deserve that same respect. A star fish and a sea horse have a life, too. The Sea Life Center displays and rehabilitates rescued sea life, giving you the opportunity to handle sea life with respect, for educational purposes. Please consider that sea life is an important part of our dolphins’ world and deserves the utmost respect. Please know that our dolphins are wild and free, and to see them in their Real World is the most amazing experience to help us understand how important our oceans are.