Dolphin Tours

Join Captain Scarlet Colley (Dolphinwhisper) along with Rozzi the Dolphin Dog on my boat the Skimmer 2 (we call it the Mama Mia boat) to meet our family of wild dolphins living in the Laguna Madre Bay! 

1. We will take any age, we cannot start our children nurturing with nature soon enough.

2. Because I only have 6 spots available on our boat it is $25.00 per spot and we only have six spots per trip.

3. Our trips will last about an hour and a half and you will get to learn about real world dolphins.
This is a very special trip to learn about our local tribe of near shore dolphins I have known for over eighteen years now.

4. They are Mama Mia Dolphins for sure! We meet at our sealife nature center for the tour and that is included in the 25.00

5. This part of the tour through the center will enhance your experience on the bay with our dolphin’s world.

6. We are an eco friendly trip and do not believe in dragging a net thru the fragile grass beds and disturb our precious sea life, that is why we have our sea life center. There we can learn about becoming more eco friendly to sea life and the dolphins world.

7. Rozzi the dolphin dog on board

Call me, Scarlet, dolphinwhisper, on the day you arrive so that we may schedule the best day (based on weather) to get you out. And yes,bring your dog or dogs!