Monthly archive for June 2012

Our Mohawk little girl dolphin

Mohawk has quite a story to share for the rest of her life with her friends and family. She will always remember us for saving her from her life threatening entanglement from fishing line monofil. She is doing great now and is almost six years old. Any […]

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Blue Buttons are at Plethora stage

I have been on this bay for almost twenty years and never have I seen such a plethora of blue buttons, porpita porpita. They are a work of art, they don’t sting, and they are everywhere. They are extremely fragile and fall apart very quickly once on […]

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We just saw Ranger

It is great to see Ranger, a strapping young man now, he is one of our dolphins that we rescued, rehabbed and returned to his family eight years ago. He still comes up to show his gratitude and it is great to know he is wild and […]

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