• Dolphin Tours

    Join us for an up close and personal encounter of the very best kind!

    Exciting and educational, our Dolphin Tours put you and your family into the Dolphin's natural world and allow an intimate glimpse into their daily lives and interactions.

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  • Touch Tanks & Aquariums

    Take a stroll through our Sea Life & Nature Center and discover some of the incredible sea creatures South Padre Island has to offer!

    Fun and educational exhibits put your family face to face with remarkable sea creatures like octopus, eels, sting-rays, and seahorses! Our touch tanks let the little (and big) ones discover in hand living starfish, [...]

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Hours of Operation:

Hours of operation:

  • Open daily – 10:00am – 3:00pm

** Come and help feed the animals

** Learn about the Sealife

** If you want more than just a dolphin watch sign up for our dolphin experience and meet our tribe in a very private and fascinating way

INDOOR Activity: Come on In

Feed Domino our giant TURTLE

Meet all our rescue animals and learn about how you can become a family that is Ecofriendly


1. The Sea Life Center is a VOICE FOR DOLPHINS IN THE WILD

2. WE DO NOT HAVE DOLPHIN IN CAPTIVITY but WE are a dolphin’s eye view of their world, we believe in leaving our dolphins with their family in the bay.

3. We offer a dolphin experience like no other that gives you a unique insight to their lives in the wild with just six people on board plus the captain and the dolphin dog

4. THE SEALIFE CENTER also has many rescue animals such as our giant tortoise, turtles, iquana , and fish that are non native and can never be released

Come and learn how you can help save our sealife

AND treat youself to an experience of a lifetime with our unique and very special dolphin experience on our special dolphin boat our dolphins love

*****call 956-299-1957 to reserve your dolphin experience with REAL WORLD DOLPHINS on a quiet 6 passenger vessel


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